wherein the length of the male genetalia is infact of greater width than length. A real chaud, should one be so unlucky as to see one, looks remakably similiar to a hockey puck or a miniture tractor tire. Those suffering from an inwardly collapsing scrotom, must take careful measures to keep their chaud syndrome in balance. I recommend atleast 3 tablespoons of confectionary sugar daily, and as much crystal meth as one can get one's hands upon
Wow, I smoked too much meth today.
by Cronathan Smokesalot January 22, 2004
Top Definition
A Chaud Ch-aw-d, is Guam's equivalent to an American Redneck.

A type of person or lifestyle

Dude... your dad is chaud.
by rokiivery November 22, 2007
weird, or a fob chamoru
Don't you wish your boyfriend was chaud like me?
by Chaud May 01, 2005
A chaud is a penis that is fatter than it is long
A penis that could be 4" long but 6" wide
by alex March 20, 2005
hot, the opposite of being cold
your girlfriend is tres chaud
by William Howell November 20, 2003
stolen, like nicked or pinched
i chaud some pens from school
by Lukeyyy February 08, 2008
steven lemercir
this chaud smokes too much weed and is drunk off da saki 24/7.
by daequan July 20, 2003
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