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A complete idiot that doesnt know when to shut up.

A person that talks so much that others tune out and pretend they are paying attention.
"Dude you would not believe the Chatterton I ran into the other night."
by Archer December 22, 2004
Fucking someone while they are vomiting
He was tossing his cookies but I chattertoned him anyway.
by Vomit fucking. December 23, 2013
Closely related to the pink sock, the Chatterton is where you find a young virgin, pop his/her cherry, excessively plunder the anus until a pink sock forms, pull out (while still having blood on your penis) and give him/her 2 red mushrooms, one on each cheek. Very difficult, highly skilled.
That bitch Cheryl got the worst Chatterton I've seen in years.
by SignorFabion October 02, 2007