Closely related to the pink sock, the Chatterton is where you find a young virgin, pop his/her cherry, excessively plunder the anus until a pink sock forms, pull out (while still having blood on your penis) and give him/her 2 red mushrooms, one on each cheek. Very difficult, highly skilled.
That bitch Cheryl got the worst Chatterton I've seen in years.
by SignorFabion October 02, 2007
Top Definition
Fucking someone while they are vomiting
He was tossing his cookies but I chattertoned him anyway.
by Vomit fucking. December 23, 2013
A complete idiot that doesnt know when to shut up.

A person that talks so much that others tune out and pretend they are paying attention.
"Dude you would not believe the Chatterton I ran into the other night."
by Archer December 22, 2004
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