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1. Alcohol of any sort, usually liquor
2. A shot of alcohol (taken either in a shot glass or straight from the bottle)
3. A toast

See also: Chatka Time!

This is an Americanized version of a Ukrainian word meaning "Small Cup" or "Little Sip", which has been adopted to refer specifically to a small sip of booze. While the tradition began specifically with the Krawchuk family of Philadelphia, PA, the idea has spread across the country (and overseas) because who doesn't love a good Chatka Time?
1. I brought two different kinds of Chatka to the party because I like whiskey but Kat prefers tequila.

2. I think it's about time to pass around the Chatka, don't you?

3. We're having a Chatka tonight at 9pm Eastern time for Goob's birthday, don't forget!
by MelanietheGoob March 23, 2010
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slang term used for the cheap brand of vodka, Kamchatka. Commonly thought to give bad hangovers and headaches. Nicknames: kamchorka
yea for sure, ill bring the chatka.
by mystern1ceguy March 28, 2011
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