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ChatTard is a Flash Game made by Rawn Hansen.
I played ChatTard for five hours.
by undergrounds May 26, 2010
8 3
ChatTard can most likely describe a person that goes into chat rooms daily, or have their screen names in chat rooms for hours without actually typing. Also can describe a person causing a nuisance in a chat room. People that waste their daily lives in a chat room instead of doing something more important.
In Every chat room there might be a "ChatTard". Chat rooms are a waste of time, and are usually inhabited by two types; 1) People that want to waste time on purpose, or 2)People who contribute nothing to society.
by ASmartMark October 20, 2006
5 4
Someone who sticks up for other chattards
fat girl
by Bemused Kat March 31, 2004
1 4
A really stupid person that goes into a chatroom and acts retarded.
Britt is a great example of a Chattard!
by Big Daddy Ant March 26, 2004
1 4
someone has nothing better to do than make fun of mecca - mecca is my bitch and dont you forget it
big daddy bitch, ugly monster aka lilyofthemist, and the rest of you no good losers
by fat girl March 29, 2004
0 8
A person who can't even comprehend what the fuck is going on in the chat room.
(insert name here) is a fucking chat tard
by alex July 07, 2003
3 12