ChatTard is a Flash Game made by Rawn Hansen.
I played ChatTard for five hours.
by undergrounds May 26, 2010
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ChatTard can most likely describe a person that goes into chat rooms daily, or have their screen names in chat rooms for hours without actually typing. Also can describe a person causing a nuisance in a chat room. People that waste their daily lives in a chat room instead of doing something more important.
In Every chat room there might be a "ChatTard". Chat rooms are a waste of time, and are usually inhabited by two types; 1) People that want to waste time on purpose, or 2)People who contribute nothing to society.
by ASmartMark October 20, 2006
Someone who sticks up for other chattards
fat girl
by Bemused Kat March 31, 2004
A really stupid person that goes into a chatroom and acts retarded.
Britt is a great example of a Chattard!
by Big Daddy Ant March 26, 2004
someone has nothing better to do than make fun of mecca - mecca is my bitch and dont you forget it
big daddy bitch, ugly monster aka lilyofthemist, and the rest of you no good losers
by fat girl March 29, 2004
A person who can't even comprehend what the fuck is going on in the chat room.
(insert name here) is a fucking chat tard
by alex July 07, 2003

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