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A sign of true love in a world bound to sexual slavery; Not succumbing to your sexual desires whenever they arise, therefore having true sexual freedom; Loving and respecting sex and love so much that you vow to save yourself into marriage out of love, not fear; Perfecting your sexual desires instead of letting them waste away through selfish pleasures; Vowing yourself to a life of no premarital sex out of love, not fear
Thomas is saving himself out of love for his future wife; Thomas is chaste

Chad practices abstinence out of fear of STDs despite not having the option to waste his virginity. Chad is just abstinent, not chaste.

Atheist or Christian, chastity is the way to go guys. Watch the video "Romance without Regret" to learn the true value of chastity and your sexuality. This guy, Jason Evert, changed my life for the better
by Chastity man October 18, 2014
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The view of sex that most religions take is not that it's evil, but that it belongs within the confines of marriage. Thus, chastity is not a refusal to engage in sex, but a refusal to engage in sex outside marriage. A woman who practicies chastity has sex with her husband only; a woman who practices celibacy does not have sex. To be chaste is to bring the sexual urges under the dominion of your faith, not to merely deny them. People following an abstinence program (properly!) would be practicing chastity.
Sadly, there are far more public examples of people claiming to practice chastity who have failed, than of people who actually have held true to their principles; plus, proving that someone has done something is always easier than proving that someone HASN'T done something. Any person who abstains from sex before being married and avoids adultery while married would be said to practice chastity.
by balrogthane August 12, 2009
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A sexy ass girl with a real bad attitude, crazy ass sex drive, everybody knows about her whether they want to or not, a real heartbreak kid! Normally either loved or hated.
Who's going to the party?
Chastity and her friends
Yes! maybe i'll get her number
by darion shawns December 23, 2016
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Contrary to popular belief, chastity is more than just abstinence. It's choosing NOT to have sex because you recognize the *value* of your own sexuality.
Chatsity is very favored by the Catholic church.
by kimmie-kisses July 14, 2005
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abstinence, or just not having sex. usually until you're married.
by etchasketch October 28, 2003
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The name of a gir who ends up being very slutty due to the power of irony and the general fucked-upness of parents who'd name their daughter Chastity.
Chastity Bono - well known for her lesbian porn films, all the porn stars named Chastity
by Admiral Snackbar July 04, 2004
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One of the greatest people in your life.
by Joe December 07, 2004
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