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Chastine is a beautiful woman with really good fashion taste, she is loved by everyone.

A Chastine is the most awesome kind of person and she is very cute and sweet.

Chastine love chocolate and she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
Chastine Dreier Simonsen rocks
by HelloKittyIsNice July 03, 2012
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This guy is amazing, caring, intelligent, and most importantly has an outstanding personality. He's goal oriented, and carries a big interest for old school music and history. He tends to have a certain affect on certain girls. He's independent, idealistic, inquisitive, last but definitely not least, gives you a feeling you'll never get tired of. He's one of a kindddddd!
Chastine has you stuck of the realness ;) ....
by Diana Coolio November 04, 2009
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