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Originally used to describe the practice of smoking heroine or opium, the term now includes other forms of inhalation of controlled and uncontrolled substances such as marajuana a/k/a mary jane or weed, crack or coke
Shane and I were chasing the dragon all night.
by Ike&Tina December 31, 2009
58 162
The art of Western (caucasian) guys chasing asian girls usually an obsession because a lot of Asian girls seem to be an easy target of the un-scrupulous male. Not always a bad thing as opposites attract.There are studies saying that men do not discriminate against preference on race of women. Where as east asian women have a preference for asian or caucasian men over black and hispanic males.Which tends to make it look like a white male fetish.
Billy:I went out on saturday night but it was a sausage fest . Too many guys not enough lady's. So had to go back to the city to see what China dolls were around.

Johnny: Oh man ! when are you gonna stop "Chasing the dragon" ha ha !
by Dry Noodles March 06, 2010
31 137
to smoke opium
we were chasing the dragon last nite, man did i get f00ked up.
by l33t m45t3r k1ch1g41 February 13, 2004
55 236
Commonly confused with the art of smoking opium, chasing the dragon refers to the senseless quest of a dragon slayer. Similar to Don Quioxte's misguided mission of battling windmills, a dragon slayer's prerogative is to sexually conquer girls with a similar size and attractiveness of a dragon.
Nannini's been chasing the dragon hardcore all year.
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
53 266
Originally associated with Opium. the act of passing smoke from your mouth to the mouth of another. Extremely enjoyable when it's with a girl you want to hook up with or watching two females engage in it.
I was Chasing the Dragon with Stacey the other night and she chased it to Gwen!!
by jim_witness September 27, 2005
7 350