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An urban professional who continually re-wears suit pants to work every day, but fails to iron them, thereby creating a proliferation of creases behind the knees and alerting everyone nearby to the fact that this person is a crease monkey.

A crease monkey will also tend to have poor hygiene and wear outdated clothing. They tend to be social introverts as they have no real friends to point out to them that they smell, their clothes are outdated and they have tons of creases behind their knees.
"Wow, look at that ugly green suit, what is that from 1981?"

"Haha, probably. I don't think he's had it pressed since 1981 either, what a crease monkey."

"Total crease monkey. I bet he smells."
by jpc1 December 07, 2009
A person who must wear his i-pod everywhere he goes in public; often seen nodding head to music in a delusional attempt to look cool and trendy. Frequently spotted at bus stops, college campuses and coffeehouses.

Cf. Bluetool. A bluetool thinks he is important, while an i-pud thinks he is cool.
I walked passed your boyfriend today on my way to class, he didn't say hi, he was being a total i-pud.
by jpc1 March 31, 2009
A condition named after an American female pop icon who suddenly developed a British accent after living in England for a few months. Symptoms lessen over time but may persist for years. In addition to the fake accent, symptoms may include referring to "soccer" as " "football"; failing to tip in restaurants and saying "cheers" instead of "thanks" long after the accent has disappeared.
"I was watching Johnny Depp on Letterman the other night and I could have swore he was speaking with a British accent, is he from England?"

"No, he's American, he's from Kentucky."

"Ahh, he must have Madonna syndrome."
by jpc1 August 06, 2009
Literally, "birds from the same stone." An abbreviation of the famous cliche, "Kill two birds with one stone."
If we buy beer at the grocery store we can kill two birdstones.
by jpc1 June 14, 2011
Unresolved Daddy Issues. When a female has received inadequate or inappropriate attention from the father-figure in her life leading her to seek male approval elsewhere through sex or a romantic relationship, usually from an older man.

That chick has some whack undies, her father really messed her head up.

(I'm not sure why this was rejected the first time, it seems to fit all the editing criteria, please reconsider).
by jpc1 April 22, 2009
Doing everything you can to obtain that same "high" you got from the first time you tried a drug, but never quite getting there due to the body developing a natural tolerance. Originally in reference to opium addiction, this term now refers to any drug.
"That first pot cookie got me so high, but now every time I eat marijuana I'm chasing the dragon."
by jpc1 February 26, 2010
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