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Chaselyn is tall and beautiful, with blue eyes you could get lost in. She's great to be around and is a very sociable (if she likes you). Don't get on her bad side though, because she can hold a grudge. She is only interested in gentlemen, if you cant already tell by her current boyfriend. She is lovely, friendly, bright, funny, loyal, and, most of all, caring. She has many friends but only a handful of true ones. She is very artistic and loves to sing. People say when she sings the whole world stops and listens for a while. She has the biggest heart for people and animals. She can break down and start crying easily, so be fragile with her.
Chaselyn is as sweet and desirable as one of Finnick Odair's sugar cubes(:
by Twill & Bonnie July 15, 2012
A very tall, blonde woman with pretty blue eyes. Will cry if stared at. Is in LOVE with Christofer Drew Ingle. Likes Blood on the Dance Floor & Owl City. Freaks out when playing Amnesia. Always has her Facebook in Pirate. Is as pale as a ghost. Thinks she is fat, but is indeed very thin. Has two cats.
Janna loves Chaselyn! c:
by Jeenaaa! May 31, 2011
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