A girl with unusually fake and blinding blond locks who's only reason in life is to spend daddy's money. Often chas travel in packs and their mating calls are shrill and irritating.
-Look at that cha. I think she got her head caught in an escalator at the mall.
-Thank God, that bitch deserves to die.
#ditz #valley girl #bitch #stupid #slut
by Danwell max December 11, 2005
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Good with the ladies or is great in bed.
"So how was he last night?"
"He was so chas, i didn't sleep"
by Zach Wolf August 08, 2005
To show annoyance or frustration at a specified event or person, usually put onto the end of an aforementioned sentence, used as a verbal alternative to a sigh
that boy needs to learn some manners...cha
by Treatz June 06, 2003
Cha-another way to say yes
"hey do you wanna go to a movie?"
by MonkeyM January 16, 2005
chas is a word used by women to describe great or amazing sex.
The other night with him was so chas, when I woke up I could hardly walk.

sex female orgasm amazing
#chaz #sex #orgasm #amazing #lollypop
by Sarah Aersore March 04, 2009
the definition of a fun loving, and humerous guy who is often used for sexual pleasure by women because of his monster penis ranging from 25-35 inches long of meat for thunder fucking
I had fun with chas last night, but how can i walk after the ride of my life
#fun #sexy #awesome #funny #dick
by touchthiscock October 03, 2010
you or your
"What 'cha gonna do today, ho?"
"Where are we going?"
"We're going to meet yo dude at cho nightime spot"
by Dungeon Master September 16, 2003
slang word for yea or yes
"yo do you like that shiz?" "cha!"
by Erin silva May 12, 2004
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