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Mid-Atlantic academic powerhouse that is considered to be the premier high school in the state of Delaware. Also known commonly as "CSW". Delawareans hold a tense relationship with Charter - as the school gobbles up the brightest and best of Delaware's eager middle schoolers (despite the uninspiring location and building). Revered and feared by other local schools, CSW has a reputation for dealing out serious pwnage in fields of science and math.
Yo, that kid went to the Charter School of Wilmington...I hear he is lethal with calculus
by Dr. Cest August 23, 2010
Ahh, the Charter School of Wilmington. Who can forget the school full of asians, indians, and assorted african americans? The force isnt that much of a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their football team. Made up only of skinny asians and indians, they have yet to have a winning season. Resting on top of Cab Calloway, Charter is located in an attic with no ceiling tiles, there are no remotely hot looking girls. So, in comes Cab to the rescue, where there girls are incredibly hot and probably have several types of STD's. Ranked 41st in the nation, Charter has won basically every academic award Delaware has to offer. Charters rivals who suck even more than they do is A.I. Dupont. And although Charter basically sucks at every sport imagined, as long as we beat A.I. its ok.
As long as they beat A.I. the Charter School of Wilmington has a winning season.
by KingofKings June 25, 2008
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