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(n) char-mo-ni-um, A coincidence that seems fatalistic or "meant to be." When something happens that is so strange, that it can't just be a coincidence. A sort of Serendipity.

Background: in physics, Charmonium is any of various elementary particles consisting of a charm quark and an antiquark.
a bound state of the subatomic particle J/ψ. Its discovery was made independently by two research groups, one at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, headed by Burton Richter, and one at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, headed by Samuel Ting at MIT. They accidentally discovered they had found the same particle, and both announced their discoveries on 11 November 1974.
"I just had the most charmonious experience! I was just thinking about you, then our song came on the radio and you called me before I got a chance to call you!"
by BlunderBard June 26, 2009

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