Probably the most loving, caring, and funniest person you'll ever meet. Will make you laugh at the most unnecessary times and will ALWAYS bring a smile to your face. Shes Beautiful Inside and out, and shes always there when you need someone to talk to.

If you have a "Charmaine", Your lucky and shes a keeper. Dont let her go and make sure your there for her, just like shes always there for you.
Girl 1: he broke my heart! :(
Charmaine: dont worry! he lost his charm. You'll find another guy i promise!
by Mylci2424 August 25, 2012
Top Definition
The girl who is more beautiful than any other and more crazy than any other.

The girl who has so much style she makes other girls jealous.

The girl who combines the best bits of every man's fantasy girl into one. She is perfect in everywhere no matter what the guys definition of perfection is.
Charmaine Rolfe - the future best lawyer of the world
by A>WARD May 06, 2009
In actual real terms, it means a "bountiful orchard".
All Charmaine's are wonderful.
by Fantasia May 15, 2006
What a glamour! This girl is everything you dream of, and keep coming back for more- so addictive. She is extremely intelligent and self-less.
What a beautiful face and body!
She is the best kind of friend, and the best lover imaginable- AMAZING.
Did you see Charmaine tonight? She is hot. I love Charmaine!
by matt_Bb February 02, 2010
An incredibly cute girl who is also very smart and kind. Generally she will be very sensitive so you have to be careful not to upset her.

Usually a Charmaine will be the most helpful person in class. She has a cute laugh and voice and the best smile you will ever see.

If you go out with a Charmaine you win at life because you would have the best girlfriend anyone could think of.
Michael: dude, she is the cutest girl i've ever seen!

Matthew: yeah, I have liked her since grade 8, her name is Charmaine
by MacMat667 November 11, 2013
What a lovely French song that is! Also a lovely name! A very clever, intellectual, witty girl. Everyone wants to be around Charmaine.

Charmaine is a Charmer. Also likes Champagne.
Man, that girl kicks so much ass she like that chic off Law and Order...

Yep, that's a Charmaine.
by Themagiccarpet May 31, 2013
Charmaine, is a small animal like girl. What she lacks size she makes up in ambition.

Very good at handling money on the weekends and flexible during the week.

She is as useful as a chocolate tea pot but hold the same level of uniqueness.
Jake has a unique problem that he is getting no help with...

Jake: I'm havin a terrible day, I've brought a snorkel for a dolphin but he won't wear it
Baz: that's a bit of a Charmaine...
by Jp3ce January 15, 2014
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