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What a lovely French song that is! Also a lovely name! A very clever, intellectual, witty girl. Everyone wants to be around Charmaine.

Charmaine is a Charmer. Also likes Champagne.
Man, that girl kicks so much ass she like that chic off Law and Order...

Yep, that's a Charmaine.
by Themagiccarpet May 31, 2013
1. Derived from the african language of Swahili, Malaikah originally defines an absolutely gorgeous, exotic Angel that has been sent from above to bless this earth.

2. adjective: Today's usage can be widened to warm, understanding, appreciative and also absolutely mental. A Nymph that rocks the party no matter where she goes.

abbrv: Mal. goes best with the usage of the word Dude after.
That was such a Mal, dude. Fucking awesome.

Oh my god did you see her dress! She looked like such a Malaikah!
by themagiccarpet February 11, 2011
A magical underwater creature that prefers not to swim. Loves art, glitter pens and paint. Will work artistically with anything given i.e. a tissue paper or a broadway billboard.

Derived from a hindu mythology, the wife of Lord Ganesha, Ridhii means prosperity. So a lifetime supply of stationary and handmade paper is a given.

Can also be confused with a crab. Tough on the outside, and super sweet on the inside. Also see, crab meat.
Think I just saw a Ridhii on the beach. Man was she HAWT.

The Mural on 56th street was so unbelievably Ridhii. That shit's trippy!
by themagiccarpet February 11, 2011

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