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A quality that attracts others to oneself. (noun)
Using one's attraction to persuade someone into doing something (verb).
Lucy's charm made her date feel at ease and special.
Michelle charmed the policeman into letting her go without getting a speeding ticket.
by world citizen May 14, 2005
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Deludes the mind, but its precise integration is unknown. Can be used to befuddle humans or disguise objects. Likely it simply manipulates the mind.
"She used a Charm, and I don't remember what I said."
by Kwing October 28, 2009
The pendant on a big chain, usually full of diamonds.
" My charm so bright, it shinin' like a chandelier "

" I spent 50 stacks on my charm"
by SoIceyEntGUCCI! July 27, 2009
-to charm someone is to please them, be well liked by everyone,
because you’re pleasing them, even if they don't like you,
business is business, never mix business with pleasure.....

I, silent ruse, charmed the 11th and the 13th floor.... :)

The 11th floor have trashy little trampy earth minds...
by blthrskt November 25, 2009
items in the '80s that were made of plastic and had little silver bells on them. They were minitures of everyday items such as baby bottles, bicycle, hammers, helmets, etc. Girls would wear them on a plastic charm belt (like chain links) and make jingle noises.
Stores such as Woolworth and Claire's Boutique sold charms.
by BlackGoddess December 11, 2003
Popular slang for seminal fluids. May also be referred to as Spunk, Jizz, Man Fat, Cum or Spooey.
1) Oh, see that highly attractive chap over there? I'd love him to fill me with charm.

2) Can I offer you a charm necklace?

3) I've just charmed in my pants
by Innuendo Sally November 20, 2013
The faculty of pleasing or attracting, using personality or beauty

A trinket to be worn on a bracelet, necklace, etc. Usually these charms symbolise different memories. Charm or bead bracelets and necklaces have come in and out of fashion for many decades and are once again very much in fashion. Usually charms are made from gold or silver.
A beautiful selection of charms is available at

Something worn or carried on one's person for its supposed magical effect; amulet.

In physics a charms is a quantum number assigned the value +1 for one kind of quark, −1 for its antiquark, and 0 for all other quarks.
"Susan's charm bracelet, has some very unusual charms on it"
by hachiko100 March 03, 2010

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