A drug that is highly addictive that offers a high lasting a lifetime.

Side effects include:

tigers blood
melting of face
Charlie sheen: I'm on a drug. It's called Charlie sheen. If you tried it your face would probably melt off.

Reporter: ...

Charlie sheen: WINNING!
by Savvy6oh7 March 20, 2011
Actor Charlie Sheen's drug of choice. Consists of cocaine, tiger's blood, and vodka.
Man, I got totally wasted off of some awesome Charlie Sheen last night.
by Flipflops76 March 09, 2011
The ability to have a blood alcohol level that is 10 times higher than the legal limit while smoking crack, doing hookers, and shouting at your manager. This is all done at the same time and earns you so much respect that even Ashton Kutcher copies off you.
John: Hey man you suck. You can't even do the John Wall

Jason: Oh yeah? Well I can do the Charlie Sheen. What Now. Bitch
by mrmister. June 02, 2011
a drug, that apparently charlie sheen is on.
"Are you on drugs?"

YEA, Im on a drug and its called the Charlie Sheen!"
by mydickisbiggerthanyoursSORRY April 14, 2011
1. A man famous for movies and his insightful witty quotes. He is well known to be a tigerblooded warlock who is winning. Yeah, Rocketfuel!
2. The drug that the man named Charlie Sheen is taking, which is no available to the public becase it makes your face melt away, and your children will weep over your body.
1. A few memorable quotes: "I hae one speed. One gear. GO.", "I have a 10,000 year old brain and the bogers of a seven year old", "I think they (CBS) owe me a big one (apology). Publicly. While licking my feet."
2. That drug called Charlie Sheen isn't real, dude. I think he probably snorted before he went on air.
by dotnosedgirl April 07, 2011
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