A Charleston Chew is the name of the sexual act wherein the man slaps his partner's face with his member. While their are other names for this act it is the Charleston Chew that has become the term most applied.

It is thought that the term came to be when Lord Charleston mentioned in his journal documented that he had performed such an act, with the intent of seeking counsel due to his feelings that it may have been demeaning or provoked the wrath of God. Once he confessed to the Church he was sentenced to ninety days in state prison but reclaimed his rank and title upon his return.

What is even more uncertain is when the 'chew' suffix was attached. Most likely it originated when the partner being given the Charleston also stimulated the glans orally, giving rise to the implication of the member as a 'sweet' or 'tootsy-pop'. Charleston Chew is therefore how it is referred to.
'I shagged my wife last night then finished off by giving her a Charleston Chew the kinky minx'

'Hey dude look at her!'
'Man I bet she loves a good Charleston'
#charleston #chew #sex #act #slap #penis
by Adrian Sheperd October 26, 2007
Shitting in someone's mouth and then fucking that shit hole until you fill it with cream. Hence creating a Charleston chew.
Chad shat in my mouth and proceeded to fuck it until he cream filled the center and created a Charleston chew in my mouth.
#shit #mouth #cream #candy bar #charleston #chew
by Thps44 August 12, 2015
When you take a shit on your bitche's mouth, and she gives you a blowjob.
Bob gave me such a good charleston chew I almost died.
#shit #blowjob #charlestonchew #charlstonchew #charlston chew
by skisam1 May 20, 2015
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