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when you make the bitch put plastic wrap around her mouth, then take a shit and make her chew the shit through the plastic
tasteless, but smells like a charleston chew
by boundbyfatefucker September 11, 2005
A sexual act in which a pickle, or similarly phallic item is inserted approximately halfway into the anus, and then removed, inserted in the opposite direction, and eaten until the protruding portion is flush with the skin.
"This pickle is covered in shit. DELICIOUS!"

"Lloyd gave me the best charleston chew last night! He used a banana!"
by teamspetsnaz October 26, 2008
A type of dildo. The day before, the man will take a shit on his girlfriends chest, then the guy will have sex with his girlfriend. After sex, he will jizz a stripe down the shit on the chest, let it dry, and roll it all up in a long stick. Then, put it in the freezer. The next day, this will be used as a dildo.
Dude 1: Yo, my marriage is failing, any tips?
Dude 2: Yeah, just give her a charleston chew, she will love it
Dude 1: What is it?
Dude 2: (explains)
Dude 1: Dude that's gross, but I like it.
by DaLightful January 17, 2013
The worst possible word one could possibly utter during a mixed martial arts event...period.
Chris: "This fight is boring."
Ryan: "Hello there....Charleston Chew."
Chris: (Proceeds to kill Ryan)
by eldorath April 09, 2007
Start off by shitting into one's mouth, laying the chocolate base. Then jizz in it to add the cream filling. Complete the act by making them chew it up, resembling a chewed up candy bar. Is rumored to taste just like the famous candy bar.
Betty said she had the munchies, so I gave her a good ol' Charleston Chew.
by NizTheShiz July 22, 2009
when you ravage a vagina so viciously, all you have left to F--- is the meat between the butt and the cunt. The butt cunt
Wow, she has a sloppy charleston chew
by DOUCHEY November 30, 2004
While having anal sex, and one person is shitting and the other is about to ejaculate injects the poop with cum and then forms the ending product a charleston chew.
Jerry and I produced a Charleston Chew last night!
by k1234567 March 20, 2008