1. Person: The person that defeated Chuck Norris according to a scene in the Weird Al Yankovic video "CNR".

2. Person: The current successor to / of Chuck Norris. This is further supported by the fact that the abbreviation "CNR" (see below) resembles the initials of Chuck Norris "CN".

3. Abbreviation/Acronym: CNR - A person whose awesomeness defies logic, performing feats at least on par, or exceeding that of Chuck Norris as detailed in the "Chuck Norris Facts" series.
Noun - "Whose awesomeness came first: Charles Nelson Riley or Chuck Norris?"

Noun - "If Charles Nelson Riley killed Chuck Norris in fiction, but is himself dead in real while Chuck Norris is not; then who is really more awesome?"

Metaphor - "Dude, don't make me go CNR on your sorry soul!!!"
by Sir Ector April 29, 2010
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