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Acronym for the public school district in South (Washington) County, RI consisting a middle and high school, as well as a regional vo-tech, for students living in the towns of CHArlestown, RIchmond and HOpkinton.

The 'campus' consisting of the middle school, high school and regional vo-tech school, is located in Wood River Junction, which is a small village in Richmond.

Jokes about Chariho usually consist of references to potato or turf farms, depending on how long ago you went there.
1: What school do you go to?
2: Chariho High

1: What town is that?
2: It's not a town - I live in Richmond, and that's where everyone from Charlestown, Richmond and Hopkinton go to school.
by Ranger0097 June 29, 2008
a cool school system in southern Rhode Island....Chariho schools
hope valley, ashaway, richmond, charlestown...chariho campus
by codgg April 10, 2006