cool, amazing.
Joy: my friends dog is cute agree?
You: Char! i like the dog's hair.
Joy: really? Char, me too that's why i bought it.

#cool #whew #whatever #amazing #chill
by chilling by the moments in tim April 12, 2010
Another word for thanks or thank you.
Norman,"Help yourself to drinks or william if you like."
camjoo,"chars mate!"
by camjoo May 27, 2005
Someone who serves you in a canteen, mostly of ethnic origin...

this can lead to combinations ie chips sausage and gravy can be defined as a "chars special"

this can also be combined with Rossy (see rossy)
"ill have a chars special mate"

"youre a chars rossy" meaning you're a fkin idiot
by BulletMag June 27, 2005
chars is a double thanks derived from 'cheers' and 'ta'. this word was created whilst under the influence of booze.
bouncer: see ya's later

suzie: chars, oh i mean cheers.

#cheers #ta #thanks #thank you #on ya
by Cat_Phone June 06, 2007
n. An abbreviation of "character"
The Asian girl asked, "What's your fav. Street Fighter char.?"
Digitus answered, "Def. Chun-Li, she's hot."
The Asian girl asked again, "Ahh, so you like her, huh? Why?"
Digitus replied, "Because if she was on top of me, she can use her lightning fast legs to hump!"
The Asian girl said, "We'll have to try out your fantasy soon.."
Digitus replied, "What? We will?! Sweet!"
The Asian girl grinned, "Yeah, I'll be your fav. char."
by Digitus July 27, 2005
A way of saying cheers in a posh accent. if it was written this is how.
Pass the wine please
There you go
by flashermonkey April 12, 2004
an expression used when you are not amazed but you "have to be" amazed by your friends words. Mostly delivered by raising one eyebrow.
Betty: Even though I look like this... I have my Matt in me.

Wilhelmina: Char!!!
#char #ugly #betty #amazing #brazilian
by mackyverga01 March 21, 2010
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