The abreviation of the word 'Character'
My char would own your ass!
by Joe Nazmdeh December 01, 2006
Pronounced CH-ARE

1) To be a part of, or representing, the Naval Forces
2) The true essence of a member of the Navy
3) The general inside mushy feelings generated by looking over the water, or being on a big ship on the ocean. The Zen of the Navy.

1) He has a lot of Char about him
2) He is so Charry (CH-ARE-REE)
3) I'm getting my Char on *looks over the water*. That view is so Charry.
by rb20betty March 21, 2009
something made of pure manliness and trace amounts of gundamium. also used to describe things that are awesomely huge and pointy, with nice skin.
that french baguette she swallowed was most char.
by dirk digger July 29, 2009
(a Filipino expression) substitute for "Wow!", "Nice!", "Great!" usually used to tease a friend.
GIRL1: bes, got you here a new mp3...
GIRL2: Char! thank you bes...
by ish_regs January 03, 2008
Used in some computer languages to define a variable of the type character.
char myVar;
by Adolfo J. Peña January 31, 2004
to be shat on by a pigeon
CHAR sitting at the station when a pigeon, out of no where swoops down and shits on you!
by pigeon poo March 11, 2009

A person who uses a humorous phrase, and takes credit in coining that phrase, when in actuality, he stole it from someone else; stealing another person's phrase

The act of saying a humorous phrase, and taking credit for it, when everyone knows that someone said it first.
Vlad:Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it!
Ivan (to Leroy):Dude, Vlad is such a char. What a lame.
by JT Jones July 10, 2008
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