a cool person with their fare share of problems. Chucks spazzes often and lives in a jail. They are usually extremely awesome, weird, and nerdy.
"That girl is such a char!"- person
"I know, did you see her on the math team?"- person 2
"yeah, it was awesome"- person
by M.T for the win June 12, 2008
A synonym for the word cool, only cooler
"She just got her tongue pierced, that's so char."

"Oh my god last night was so char. I can't remember anything"
by anonymous12312234324 January 24, 2008
Australian slang for "charred" tobacco which will be mixed with marijuana for smoking. A person holds a lighter flame underneath a cigarette and moves it back and forth, "charring" the tobacco inside. The "char" is then mixed with the marijuana and cones are smoked.

Charing your tobacco allows for a greater burn of your cone and thus more milking.
Westie 1 "Oi cunt, hurry up an char a durrie."
Westie 2 "Yor the one with the Winnies ya knobhead."
by DiskoDance July 01, 2007
English slang.
1) A cleaning woman, normally a part time empolyee working for pin money.

2) One of the many English terms for tea. (Origin obscure)
Thirsty, I'll get the char to make us a nice cuppa.
by black flag May 31, 2004

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