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A beautiful old soul that respects all things that better the earth, humankind, animals, and society. Funny, intense, and full of life one minute; reflective and somber the next.
I said something spiteful, and then she pulled a Chantale.
by truthteller99 September 30, 2012
Beautiful, Stunning. Loves to wear nerdy pajamas and loves tall handsome men. Likes to eat organic food which is extremely gross but it is for her great figure. Forces young children to eat disgusting organic food as well. Loves people and loves to be loved. Wears a cape from time to time.
Chantale gave me some whack ass food the other day
by young1391 November 21, 2010
Usually brown haired with glasses. Always thoughtful, speaks often and loudly, may be extremely vain at time, loves drama, pretends she can party like rockstar, family oriented and cell phone a must!
My best friend is such a chantale.
by A. Twisted one February 05, 2010
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