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An indian name, usually for a guy (unlike the other definitions). He will be the nicest friend ever! he can listen to all your problems and he's the funnest person in the world. Legitimate friend.

He is also obsessed with batman, and parkour. He has similar/great taste in music as you (THE STROKES FTW).

Unlike the other definitions, chandan is a cool person. If you ever meet a chandan, try to be his best friend ASAP.
Me: Hey have you ever met Chandan?

Rachel: Yeah, man, he's the coolest person ever!

Me: He can do flips off the walls!

Rachel: I should date him!
by fruitroops October 31, 2012
Literally the sanskrit word for sandalwood. The essence although is not as simple and can be understood by the context in which Lotus is referred to by the spiritual Gurus. Irrespective of the number of poisonous snakes that always dwell on Chandan, its nature continues to stay divine, unaffected by its company and thus revered by the Gods to such an extent that they put it on the forehead instead of the feet.The lotus too at the most is either in the feet or the seat of the Gods or is held by the Goddesses in their hands. The simple minded Gods too were not capable to understand the original nature of chandan leave alone the simple minded humans untill the Supreme lord 'Shiv' (who has a reputation of not caring about a lot of other things that other Gods would not turn down)came forth and gave chandan the honour of His Forehead.
There are no examples of chandan.
by chandsa February 06, 2010
An amazing, hot young lady that puts others before herself. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Funny. Sexy. Amazing. When you see her you'll go dayummmm. All in all, fuckable. Marriage worthy.
Boy 1: Daaaaaaayummm, have you seen janani? She's a cutie.
Boy 2: Yeah, but she's nothing compared to a Chandan ;)
by bitchtastic_jananis August 25, 2010
Marked by a lack ofintelligence or care; foolish or careless
thing sways the chandan more than arguments they can't understand.
by theDude007 April 15, 2011
Usually an ugly indian or pakistani female that pretends to act in a formal way to impress guys and laughs for no reason. A chandan usually annoys her siblings friends and walks around the house usually looking for food.
A chandan is something you'd never want in your pants.
by Anmol October 21, 2007

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