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Adjective: The word chancie is made by combining "fancy" and "chic". Chancie can be used to describe décor, architecture and clothes. Chancie is only used as a positive way to describe something.
The architecture on the old building was very chancie.
by ©Lady El Bubsemere August 04, 2012
(n) described as any girl who tops every other in both amazingness and annoyance at the same time. This is a rare specimen of girl. You can often spot a Chancie by her hatred of walking. If you have a Chancie, you'll never need anything else. Don't undervalue a Chancie, dude.
John: Dude, did you see that guy over there? He looked so fuckin' happy.
Mark: He had a Chancie, dude.
by WhatismyPseudonym? July 19, 2009
The single most amazing girl iv ever met, she can be cute, she can be sexy, she can be charming and she can be mesmerising. She's the stuff dreams are made of, what a babe!
omg this girl is amazing; 'not as good as my chancie'
by Chriscook1995 May 11, 2011
chancy bitch, stupid skank, not relationship material, many std's
kevin: that girl is a skankk
malik: she's a chancie
by gangster340 February 23, 2009
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