And you thought CBC kids were fags. Give these guys a mirror and they'll be occupied for hours. Known for hooking up with some of the most stuck up Villa bitches around (and each others moms!), these guys love their money and their faces. You'll be able to easily spot these kids out at party... they'll be the ones planning to beat up the cops. If you find yourself pondering what these kids value in life... the answer is MONEY MOMS and MIRRORS.
Those Chaminade kids attempted to beat up the cops but ended up getting arrested. Not to worry though, their rich daddys bailed them out.
(kids best friend banging his mom while the dad is bailing them out)
by jesus April 17, 2005
Top Definition
A Catholic high school on long island. The administration and faculty are really strict, and students can barely get away with any horsing around. The population of students is made up of 3 groups: the bros from the north shore, the smart/trashy kids from the south shore, and the weird kids from suffolk county. Pretty much everyone is in a club and/or in a sport and everyone one has friends. If they dont have any of the above they usually wind up dropping out. Chaminade guys usually have a certain sense of arrogance about them and they should because of all the crap they put up with all day.
Public School degenerate: Yo where do u go to school?
Flyer: Chaminade.
Public School Degenerate: That sucks, ur a faggot.
Flyer: It's okay, you'll be working for me one day.
by jeter7211 January 20, 2009
hell on earth
hell hole
horrible excuse for high school
AH! chaminade hs is hell!!!
by crying giraffe October 27, 2004
To pay a non-refundable deposit at a wedding venue, only to have your fiancee dump your sorry ass three months before the wedding, leaving you holding your balls and a $10000 receipt.
I can't believe Junker got chaminaded! UNREAL!
by el patron maestro April 01, 2010
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