referring to a female who is pretty sometimes, and sometimes not pretty
Pedro: Crystal was hot yesterday, but today she doesn't look good at all.

Jared: Bro, she's a chameleon.
by Alex December 05, 2004
a chameleon is a person who constantly changes their personality based on the group of people they are around at the time,trying to blend with their surroundings.
hey that kid was just telling us how metal he is,with his spiked arm bands on,today i seen him cruising by with some rap blastin and his hat to the side...what a fucking chameleon!
by mindlesssk8r876 September 14, 2012
A person, male or female, who has identity problems, causing them to focus on the identity of others (i.e. schoolmates, co-workers, "friends," or other persons somehow involved in said chameleon's life). The focus eventually cues a temporary transformation that leads to the person mimicking another's style, habits, and even vocal patterns.

This is a most frustrating behavior to any true individual, as nothing about one's personality or style can feel "sacred" once a chameleon begins transforming to be just like them.
The girl I work with is such a chameleon!
by casseyCASKET March 30, 2015
a marijuana pipe that changes colors when smoked from
dude, we smoked so much my chameleon turned purple!
by Dude June 17, 2006
Slang or short for Chameleon Dope (Chlorine Tablet and Dot-3 Brake Fluid) which is a popular methamphetamine (see Meth) form of flash dope.
Tweaker 1: Man, do you think this dope is any good?

Tweaker 2: Bro, it's turning blue, it's Chameleon!!
by Mr. Sage April 26, 2006
(v.) to take on the personality of the person you're with at the moment. this is either done subconsciously, or as a sad attempt to make people like you

(n.) a person who chameleons on a regular basis (i.e. they act different for every person they hang out with)
girl 1: you were so hyper when we were hanging out with Pete, what was that about? you were acting just like him
girl 2: i can't help it, i'm a chameleon around guys
by erica10 March 05, 2008
Someone that has a lazy eye or some kind of stigmatism that makes one eye go off in another direction than the other eye. Hence, a chameleon.
Jeff was hit in the eye with a baseball early on in his life, turning him into a chameleon. At least he can look at porn and watch if his parents are coming in the driveway at the same time.
by MikeydaV May 20, 2006

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