Something that looks cool at first, but its definitely not
Everyone thought rollerblades were gonna be the best thing ever, but they turned out to be so chamby!
by peacockcockcock May 05, 2013
Top Definition
Being so funny when bad stuff happens to good people. To be unlucky.
In the cafeteria I saw someone was walking and someone sprayed him with a hose... Soo chamby
by Joe bo April 08, 2013
some one who might be perceived as cool, but really isnt
they are very lame on the inside
man that guy is such a chamby, but no one likes him
by superdud3e February 10, 2009
being really funny when it shouldn't be. or being really sucky when it shoudn't be.
Everybody was having a good time, then that crazy dude walked in... it was sooo chamby!!
by hockessin April 08, 2013
Someone who has an erection that is very noticeable.
Wow look at the chamby that guy has.
by urdictionary698474 February 10, 2009
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