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A beautiful drink derived from the root ingredients, Champagne and Red Bull.

The term 'Chambull' was created by the Gandhi Golf Tour, and several of their esteemed Tour members have taken Chambulls to a whole new audience.

The undeniable success of the drink has spawned a raft of sub-products: ProBull (Prosecco and Red Bull), Kabul (Cava and Red Bull - also a city in Afghanistan), ShanBull (Red Bull and a particularly cheap bottle of sparkling wine).

Chambulls has become a Fringe Phenomenon at the Edinburgh Festival and is enjoyed by hundreds of Festival goers.

Also used as a verb.
"I'll have a Chambulls please"

"Saturday. Chambulls. Ponies. Done."

"Let's go and get Chambulled!"
by Gareth Jenkins August 24, 2007
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