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A depressed neighborhood in Slough, Berkshire, which has a red light district, high immigrant population, and stores that "smell bad".

History: A local legend began in the mid 1800s about the "Chalvey Stab Monkey" involving an organ grinder and a stabbed monkey; the first person to get blind drunk on the anniversary of the monkey's funeral is declared "Mayor of Chalvey".

Residents have been called stab-monks.
Looks like I am the only white person here. I feel like I'm in Chalvey!
by cyberpunk8 February 26, 2011
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An area of Slough that is full of pakis.
"This place stinks like Chalvey", "Yeah, that's cos it's also full of pakis, innit!"
by Malcolm Forbes April 21, 2005

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