Chack, verb.

1. To strike, act carelessly, wastefully or foolishly.

2. To be in an undesirable position.
Ex. 1: Don’t chak him in the thumb.

Ex. 2: I’m chakked.
by Therawyn December 11, 2009
Top Definition
- Showoff

- Someone who thinks they are all that

- Big head
"Look Max! I can already see that u can do a flip on your bike, god your such a chak sometimes!"
by BageeBrad May 14, 2009
(n) a cum dumpster (someone that lots of others dump their loads to)
Do you see that slutty girl over there? She just looks like a fucking chak.
by alicecumdumpsterland February 09, 2012
a character in mythology, commonly thought of for the reason it rains
Damn, Chak sure made it rain.
by bababuiii June 09, 2007
verb - an act of insult or sexuality

See also: Chakkin' Chakker
I swear to gd, I'll chak you up the ass if you dont shut up!
by Baruchhhh February 07, 2007
Meaning Rice in Manipuri language.
Did you had chak in your lunch?
by Maibam June 08, 2007

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