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bwahahaha hahahahha
i am keti, goddamnit!
by keti January 12, 2005
keti unique, a happy victory, one who follows in the footsteps of greatness, will not be jealous or petty, her sincerity and honesty are praised, her goodness goes without saying, Keti is a woman who merits approval and one who always sails clearly ahead. Keti has a fertile mind, her monument will be achievement.
You go get 'em Keti.
by iamheretostay December 15, 2010
a loudmouthed urban explorer, member of Fallout UE, easily excited but abandoned buildings especially hospitals
Keti Urban Explored the crap out of that chicken coupe
by Matt Fallout July 15, 2004
1. refers to the Korea Electronics Institute.

2. used as an alternative to katie.
1. Have you applied to KETI yet?

2. Your friend Keti is kinda cute.
by marcus July 04, 2004
A male Diva who enjoys shopping for long periods of time.
Goes by many alias's such as (Gandhi, Usher, Denzel, The Solution and Diva Keti)
Your pulling a Keti, we've circled the store 6 times already.
by cantcatchme22 February 18, 2011
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