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Meaning Rice in Manipuri language.
Did you had chak in your lunch?
by Maibam June 08, 2007
- Showoff

- Someone who thinks they are all that

- Big head
"Look Max! I can already see that u can do a flip on your bike, god your such a chak sometimes!"
by BageeBrad May 14, 2009
Chack, verb.

1. To strike, act carelessly, wastefully or foolishly.

2. To be in an undesirable position.
Ex. 1: Don’t chak him in the thumb.

Ex. 2: I’m chakked.
by Therawyn December 11, 2009
(n) a cum dumpster (someone that lots of others dump their loads to)
Do you see that slutty girl over there? She just looks like a fucking chak.
by alicecumdumpsterland February 09, 2012
a character in mythology, commonly thought of for the reason it rains
Damn, Chak sure made it rain.
by bababuiii June 09, 2007
verb - an act of insult or sexuality

See also: Chakkin' Chakker
I swear to gd, I'll chak you up the ass if you dont shut up!
by Baruchhhh February 07, 2007