A very stupid thing which demented sadists write for their own amusement. Appears in the form of an email, "real" letter, or Youtube comment. Usually goes something like this:

Ef u dn't snd this lettr to 20 mor pple then you'r (mom will die/ balls will be cut off/ you will turn gay) at mdnite tonite LOL ROFL!!!!!

Only horribly stupid people follow these, while intelligent people ignore them. Really intelligent people track down the people who right the letters and kill these people with a lawnmower and a pogo stick.
Stupid person: "Oh no's! I just read a chain letter in me email and if me doesn't copy it an' send it to twenty other extremely stupid people, then my mommy will go bye-bye!"
Smart person: "You are a very stupid person."
Stupid person: (Glues foot to forehead) "What?"
by Mbleh July 10, 2008
Things my friends send me all the time, so much that it dehumanises me.
REad this chain letter!
HAHAHA, sex me no waah! and so the girl hanged herself and blah blah blah. Send this to 100000000 people or I will destroy you.
by Guten Tag! September 21, 2005
A letter sent either via email or postal mail that usually involves send a certain amount of copies of the letter to people by a cetain date to avoid a bad event.
The chain letter said to make 20 copies and send them to 20 people, and I would have good luck!
by Falconrath October 24, 2003
A virally propagated scam, formerly sent entirely through snail mail, but now more frequently sent through email. It operates basically as a pyramid scheme in which the recipient is urged to send a small sum of money to each person on a short list of names and addresses, with the promise that they will receive a lot of money when they rotate their name into the list, and the oldest name off of it, and mail the letter to everyone they know.
Some chain letters try to scam people even further, by instructing them rotate their name into the oldest position, so that the very next recipient will rotate them off of it, so that only the first names and addresses on the list will get any money.
by Downstrike January 29, 2006
Either seen as a death threat, list, or something random to scare or "reward" people, a chain letter is something that many idiots believe in. It is an epidemic on Youtube and Myspace. Usually, middle schoolers and people without friends forward these, but these letters are annoying as hell generally. If it's not a death threat, it says that it will tell you that if you forward it, that you'll have yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend on Friday.
Person 1: Hey! I just reposted this chain letter on Myspace saying that she'll finaly be mine on Friday!
Person 2: Shut up! Myspace isn't going to decide that for you. Grow some balls now.
by Blue Kirby July 22, 2008
adj. Annoying
"Man, this ulcer in my mouth is Chain Lettering me!"
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 28, 2003

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