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Chai Tea is the most wonderful thing in the world. It is aromatic sip after aromatic sip of delightful herbs and spices. It is the go-to drink for café-goers of taste, and will quickly dissolve your troubles and fears. Somehow, despite it's majesty, it was recipient of quite the redundant name: "Chai" literally means "Tea," so when sipping up some of the sweat beverage, you will really be enjoying some "Tea Tea." Perhaps this is simply a testament to how deeply fulfilling the drink is to all of tea kind.
Jane went to the café on the corner street and enjoyed some delicious and wholesome Chai Tea.

As Jane was engulfed in the captivating aromas of the drink, her troubles melted away.
by Reine Odette March 02, 2014
A drink that cracker ass hoes delight in consuming.
"Oh is Terell drinking chai tea?"

No, Susan said, "Terell is black, only cracka's drink chai"
by The guy living in your closet October 01, 2013
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