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Chaft is derived from the words: chav, shaft and chaff.

It refers to people, usually lower middle class, who get enjoyment pitying those worse off than them, so they get a sense of importance.

Chafts are not usually rich, but like to pretend they are more superior than those with less money or possessions than them. They think they are some how better than chavs, or they 'feel sorry' for chavs, who they say have the right to be chavs.

In reality chafts only want chavs to exist so that there is someone worse off than them to feel superior over. Chafts resent chavs who get on in the world, especially if they do better than them.
Person A: Ever since my mom's friend became a magistrate she has always looked down on us.

Person B: She probably thinks she is more important than she is now she can decide whether or not people go to prison. She is just a chaft really.
by Dzon March 05, 2013
A long rod used to drive certain equiment, as discribed by a Mexican laborer.
"Hey Paco, the chaft on this tractor is bent".
by Mathu1789 August 04, 2008

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