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A sweet hipster girl who is super pretty but not beautiful. She is full of life and joy and laughter and she LOVES jokes. There's a lot of ways to pronounce her hipster name.
Boy: Did you see that girl who just walked by?

Girl: yeah, that's Chaeli. She's really funny. And she has sexy long dark hair.

Boy: she has a cool deep voice too. Love it.
by Diamonds323 September 28, 2012
A beautiful, funny girl. Chaeli is the definition of perfection, a Chaeli is very strong and can hold back her emotions infront of anyone, but don't let this fool you, she still needs love, caring and pep talks. Chaeli is a short girl, but she has three times the sass and will whip yo ass. Once you find a Chaeli keep her in your life forever.
Guy 1- "That girl is such a Chaeli, she just whooped that girl's ass at a dance off!"
Guy 2- "My girlfriend is such a Chaeli, she is so unique and gives the best advice, hilarious too!"
Girl 1-"My bestie is such a Chaeli, she never lets me get depressed, she always stands up for me which is ironic considering she is 5'3!"
by Em_the_Turtle March 05, 2016
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