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A Chinese born Australian Citizen.
After talking to many of my Chinese friends they have all told me that they are not offended by this, in fact they all had a good laugh and thought it was great.
Thank-you to my friends, in this day and age a sense of humour is a unique trait.
A Chinese born person born in China but has an Australian Citizenship-ChOzzie
by Miss Daisy Blossom October 15, 2013
A Chinese Aussie - A person whose ethnic background is Chinese and was born in Australia or lives in Australia. A person who identifies with being both Chinese and Australian, regardless of place of birth or citizenship.

ABC - Australian Born Chinese is also another popular reference.
I don't mind using the term ChOzzie to explain my background. I am a proud Chinese Aussie, a ChOzzie!
by Ms.ABC May 12, 2015
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