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A Cesar Salad is a term used when referring to a person who eats a vagina salad and a butt hole salad in the same sitting.

Comprehensive crotch region eat out.

Butt Eater
I was so horny I literally ate her entire Cesar Salad.

OMG, Mathew ate my Cesar Salad like a never ending salad buffet.

I was feeling a little kinky so I ordered the Cesar Salad.
by Waverly White November 23, 2013
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Greek Girl, the girl everyyone wants. The girl noone can have. Always around but noone can get a taste.
That Greek Girl is like a "cesar salad". Best served at every meal....says the Rician to the greek goddess he wants to have everyday and every night.
by kbogan001 January 03, 2008
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