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Random, Outgoing, Kind, Trustworthy, and loves to help people. Shy at first. Hispanic girl that loves to act black. Does not like to see people sad. Loves to move her hips (dancing). Says hi to everyone in the room. A great friend who helps you out in any way she can. A great Smile and beautiful personality and looks that should not be ignored. Gets along with any guy. Loves music, sports, and happiness.
Cenia Spends any time she can helping people in need. Plays Basketball ,soccer,and baseball.
by Penguinsloveyuhh December 30, 2011
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The nice trustworthy, koo Hispanic grl whu acts kinda black
Dere go Cenia wit her ghetto friends Floss and Toothpaste!
by C.C. P August 17, 2004

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