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(commonly pronounced as sench but best when emphasis is put on the "en" cENch) Def-A state of being drunk and high, when the room starts spinning and you become a human 'centrifuge', in short cench. It can be used as a verb as cench or cenching; an adjective describing a person as cench; a noun describing the materials that will get you cench; Cench can also describe people who often get to this state with the title of 'brother/sister of the cench'. When out with others and the entire group is indulging in cench materials it is customary for the first person who believes that they have reached this state to loudly announce just the single word of "CENCH!!"
I've got plenty of cench for tonight you should come over.

Hey man last night was crazy, dude you were cench out of your mind.

Brothers of the cench would you like to cench tonight? Cench???
by Cenchbrothers195 May 25, 2011

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