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A Cember a person that you can trust.
Cembers usually think on the brighter sides of things and try to keep everyone positive.
A Cember is someone who can't leave someone behind and always will try to be there, even for someone of whom they don't know. A Cember is someone who is strong, even when the world may seem like it's going to crash down around them.
A Cember is deep, caring, intuitive, and romantic. A Cember is someone who can't be mean, even if they tried.
A Cember is someone who sees the beauty in everything and wants to learn more about anything.
A Cember is a daydreamer, someone who has problems at times, and a person who can be extremely funny.
A Cember is someone who is humble and sweet. A person that is definitely worth befriending.
Wow dude, your reflection upon the bullying issue really shows how much of a Cember you can be.
by CreateLoveDestroy May 12, 2011
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