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In all likelihood the most amazing woman you will meet in your lifetime. If you were to be given an opportunity to have dinner with five of the most interesting people from history, they better perfect cloning so you could have five Ceili’s at the table. Barring cloning it would be Ceili, Shatner, Abe Lincoln, Napoleon, and Dananana.
Ceili is very funny, very sexy, extremely intelligent, and compassionate to a fault. Did I mention very sexy? But.. She can also have a dark side.1)Much like sharks, wolves, bears, and piranha Ceili can detect a weakness and will use that weakness against you if she feels the need. Or is just being spikey that day. Or is in “a mood”. Or its Tuesday. Or the sun is out. Or the moon is out. And possibly during eclipses.
2)Do not, I repeat, do not, attempt to out- drink her. This will only end in embarrassment for you and can lead to you breaking rule #1.3)Make every effort to not get caught staring at her fantastic body. You must be very careful about this as she has an uncanny ability to catch you staring at her tits and/or ass every single time you try. My suggestion is: get better at using reflective surfaces and/or buy really dark sunglasses.4)If youhave broken these rules, than your only recourse is to buy her shiny things, pay for meals, compliment her on things other than the aforementioned body parts, and do your best not to do it again.She is an amazing creature, and did I mention that body? Wow!
Guy 1: Dude! I heard you went out with Ceili last night! She’s HOT! How’d it go?
Guy2: It started great! She showed up looking amazing…..
Guy 1: (interrupting) Those tits!.......
Guy 2: I KNOW!!..... so we met at the bar and started drinking…….
Guy 1: (interrupting) I hear that girl can DRINK!.......
Guy 2: I KNOW!!..... so she started taking shots, and I’m not a shot guy but I wasn’t gonna let her ass beat me…….
Guy 1: (interrupting) That Ass!.......
Guy 2: I KNOW!!..... next thing I know she has talking and telling her my whole life story and she’s just sitting back letting me ramble on about how I don’t like spiders…and then I fell out of my chair…actually two chairs… and then ended up sitting in the dirt like an idiot. And all because I was staring at her tits.
Guy 1: (interrupting) Those tits!.......
Guy 2: I KNOW!!.....So then she comes up with this idea to go watch the movie “Arachnaphobia” and I’m like “cool”… and then she sees me scared out of my mind….not sure if I can recover from all that……so far the Ceili experience has been tough….
Guy 1: (interrupting) Yea! BUT THOSE TITS!.......
Guy 2: I KNOW!!.....
by smokc23 November 12, 2010
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