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Irish: Fiery.

Handsome, intelligent, strong.
My cousin is so hot! He's a real Keegan.
#hot #handsome #irish #fiery #sexy
by wwodin February 04, 2010
1. A family of elegant deciduous trees known for their scented wood and resistance to weather.

Cedar is mentioned in The Iliad, referring to the cedar-roofed or lined storage chamber where Priam goes to fetch treasures to be used as ransom.

2. A fine, handsome lad.
That boy stands strong and tall, like a cedar.
#cedar #tree #iliad #scented #strong
by wwodin February 16, 2010
Beautiful, bright and gracious.

Root names:
Ailee - (Irish) Bright
Liah - (Greek) Beautiful, Lily, Bearer of good news

Most commonly a natural blonde...and intelligent one.
What? You're dating her? You lucky dog. She's a real Ailiah!
#aili #ailee #lili #ilia #liah
by wwodin February 04, 2010
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