Is completely perfect. She will always no what to talk about and there will never be a dull moment. She's the most beautiful girl ever and you'll always want to be with her. She's funny and can always make you smile no matter what the situation is. Once you meet her she will always be in your heart.
You know that girl Ceara, I think I'm in love with her!
by Eric Payeur April 27, 2008
Deff. the nicest person even, short but funny,
makes your day no matter what
(easily tempered)
Best person to have as a friend(wouldnt want her as a enemy.
I love ceara
by Thomasgray March 04, 2009
is a cool person with an awesome boyfriend
damn that ceara is hot!
by ccnp April 27, 2008
The shy Irish writer girl that wishes she would be liked by others. She has a brigh personalityand is somewhat pretty. She deserves to be known
i wish Ceara knew how i felt.
by IWG1220 May 29, 2012
She is the ugliest devil girl you could ever possibly look at, she not only has no front teeth but has a dick, yea? weird? I want to put my foot through her ass and most likely to get screwed by an ape. Has no tits.
Nobody likes a Ceara.
by ryan bush II August 09, 2008

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