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Name - A boys name, possibly the greatest name there is.
Caven's make amazing kissers and everybody loves them. If you meet a boy who is incredibly clever, funny, good-looking and kind-hearted then be sure that you have met a Caven.
Person 1 - I met a boy today.

Person 2 - What was his name?

Person 1 - I don't know, but he was very good-looking and kind and perfect.

Person 2 - You must have met a Caven.
#caven #kisser #amazing #perfect #good-looking
by 2667890 December 28, 2011
northern irish dialect for a period of time extending beyond the end of a lunch break which is used exclusively for the purpose of shopping
'where's ruth?'
'she's gone for a caven downstairs'
#shopping #work #northern ireland #shoes #bags
by editrix701 September 20, 2006
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