When one waits in a livestream waiting for the right moment to say something that makes no sense and intends to troll the streamer.
Wow Natural_s is being such a Cave Troll.
#cave #troll #live #stream #win #wow #towelliee #towel #towellieee
by jaayvazian July 31, 2011
A actually quite attractive girl that is called ugly by fellow friends etc. Used mostly by men in general. Girl usually has a good attitude about it. Is usually followed by the "cave troll song."
Boy: Hey look its Cave Troll!
Boy2: hey cave troll hey! man your face scares me
girl(cave troll): hahah yeah okay

boy: damn its cave troll
boy2: shes friggin hideous
girl(cave troll): haha ok your just jealous

boy: *sings* its cave troll its cave troll (repeated)
girl(cave troll): damn right
#mean #cave troll #attractive #pretty #ugly #good humor
by Whitneey March 02, 2007
Slang or pertaining to the male reproductive organ.
Man, Mikey has a huge cave troll.
#penis #member #dong #otter pop #etc.
by Joshua Laughery October 28, 2005
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