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Known for their giant things dangling between their legs. So big that is can be used as a baseball bat in any situation if needed.
Kelsea: Holy Shit!!!! He must be a Cavanaugh!

Kim: Even god should be jealous.
by Rickard James Bitch! February 23, 2009
The best last name in the world. Of Irish origins, the original Cavanaughs conquered and laid waste to Britain, but unfortunately one of their dogs went back in time, messed it up, and hence we are little known.
You wiped that out like Cavanaugh took Britain!
by ColaBear March 31, 2008
someone who borrows EVERYTHING, so much that you wonder if this person has anything of their own
-Can I borrow you kneaded eraser?

-You are such a Cavanaugh...
by flam flim central September 14, 2008
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